Liverpool - Liverpool: Chelsea Masterclass? I Don't Think So!
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Liverpool: Chelsea Masterclass? I Don't Think So!

Vital Liverpool member higgeldypiggeldy gives his take on what happened against Chelsea at the weekend...

A Chelsea masterclass - is that what we witnessed at the weekend? Really? Well, sorry, I'm just not buying it.

Have I been hit full in the face by a large tub of sour grapes? I don't think I've been blinded in such a way either, otherwise I never would have been able to see the 10 blue shirts permanently camped in the eighteen yard boxes at Anfield.

Admittedly, one can't argue about the destination of the points but the pundits are rolling out the same lines about Chelsea and Jose Mourinho's brilliance and I'm going to rally against it.

Have we really just been handed a football lesson? On what exactly? How to defend with 10 players behind the ball while hitting long and high balls to a lone forward.

Is that tactic so difficult to coach, so sophisticated in its approach, that we are unlikely to see Norwich or Cardiff, or any team managed by Sam Allardyce for that matter, attempt such a ploy due to its complexity?

Surely only the elite teams - those in the Champions League presumably - would consider lining up in such a way?

I don't think so, and I bet Real Madrid aren't missing those type of tactics this season!

Don't get me wrong, it was a below par performance by the Reds but I would argue that we were not out fought or out thought in any way. The only area we were second best in was lady luck.

Mourinho is most definitely the master when it comes to some rather unsavoury aspects of the game: the art of anti-football, game management (or unsporting and time wasting behaviour in other words) and not forgetting hypocrisy.

He may be a long time waiting for that respect he thinks Chelsea deserve and I can't believe the game on Sunday did much to win over the minds of the neutrals.

Thankfully all the class on show was from Brendan Rodgers.

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The Journalist

Writer: higgeldypiggeldy Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 29 2014

Time: 9:25AM

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that's tactics but our coach got it all wrong knowing that even a draw will be a good result. but why attack attack and attack that's why Mourinho is master class Rodgers need to learn
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29/04/2014 09:46:00

@Tala it was "attack attack attack" because Ghulam said so on Vital Chelsea ..lmao ..@ higgeldypiggeldy , as to whether it was a "master class" , check out the result
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29/04/2014 09:56:00

LOL who cares about neutral respect?! we care about 3 points!! put it this way you got your style! we deployed a style to beat yours! thats a masterclass! like it or not! label it what you want! but nowhere in the football rule book does it say that you must only play by all out attacck! football is your tactics against ours! and regardless of what you may think about our tactics! on the day they were better than yours! and its obvious for all to see cos we got the win! what did your great style of play get you?? so in that sence yo were given a masterclass in tactics!! especially as you may now not win the league! saddest thing is you didnt even need a win! maybe had you employed our tactics youd be lookin at a premier league title! but you didnt! #YNWAPL
Report Abuse
29/04/2014 10:00:00

did you lot get the official liverFOOL memo?? its no loger YNWA now its #YNWAPL YOU'LL NEVER WIN A PREMIER LEAGUE
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29/04/2014 10:02:00

You must not have watched Real Madrid vs Bayern last week coz for the majority of the game they did the same. After 90 mins possession was 28%-72% in favor or Bayern at the Bernabeu! A tactical masterclass has nothing to do with the aesthetics of the game. It focuses more on harnesing your teams strengths so as to prevent the opposition from performing at its best while taking advantage of slipups and frustration and consequently, winning. Liverpool was naive to go for an all out win when you consider this is not the first time Chelsea have played this way. A draw would have been enough. You have to be able to swallow it when your philosophy might not be adequate and try something else if you really want to win. That's why JM was better than BR at Liverpool.
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29/04/2014 10:34:00

As a Swansea fan I read your article with interest and a bit of amusement. Football is about finding a way to win and Mourinho did just that. And by the way Real Madrid did exactly the same last week against Bayern Munich...just 30% possession and that was at home. At his time with Swansea Brendan Rodgers had a plan A and rarely a plan B. Against Chelsea the team ran out of ideas and proceeded to cross from deep areas instead of working the ball through to Suarez's feet and let him turn. As far as time wasting goes Jamie Carragher said last night that the old Liverpool teams were experts at slowing the game and killing the opposition and wasting time. Whether you like it or not Mourinho did a job on Rodgers and Liverpool and your manager had no answer.
Phil W
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29/04/2014 10:36:00

It was alright for Rafa`s team to defend its way to 2 Champions League finals, but when another team defends then simply picks you off, the cry babies don`t like it. Never mind, just attack individual Chelsea fans as they come out of the stadium, that`s the answer. Nothing changes. Scum.
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29/04/2014 12:32:00

Mourinho got more than he expected from this game. He went into the game determined not to lose. That he won was an added bonus that had little to do with any tactical masterplan. Pulis, Allardyce, Phil Brown et c., get routinely disparaged for playing the same way. It's percentage football and sometimes the percentages go your way.
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29/04/2014 13:10:00

I'll hold my hand up here and say I was wrong. Thanks for the comments. Since re-watching the game and having seen this there was definitely a little more in this game plan than I first perceived. It certainly nullified Liverpool's attack, however, I am left wondering where on earth a goal will be manufactured from with this setup as it looks to rely heavily on a mistake or perhaps a set piece. And that begs the question, just how different is that to West Ham or other teams that Mourinho has been critical of this season. Will defo take a look at that game at Madrid too, thx Phil W. I'll be watching the semi final second leg to see just what Mourhino has planned.
Paul Higgins
Report Abuse
29/04/2014 13:30:00

To Liverpool fans, I apologise for Blueheart.. He himself has no class . and is not representative us at Vital Chelsea . My humble apologies for his less than humane attitude.
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29/04/2014 14:22:00

In answering your question Paul, this setup is bound to bear fruits when the opposition is as naive and as inexperienced as Liverpool were. Watch the tittle winning goal for Manchester city vs QPR when they won the league and u would see what I am talking about. Instead of loading d ball in the box when u don't have a Drogba or Stevie and Johnson Shooting carelessly, Liverpool would have done very well with some cold heads in their team on Sunday
Report Abuse
29/04/2014 15:49:00

Blue_Mel it is very obvious that you have never attended a Liverpool game against Chelsea in your life. In fact from your past posts it seems that you live on the other side of the world and have never even been to a Premier league game. I have only missed 5 Chelsea games home and away as well as in Europe since the 1968/69 season. So please don`t try and convince me that Liverpool`s fans are not an utter disgrace and continually let the name of their great club down. Having had a friend of mine almost killed at Anfield by being attacked and put in hospital by the imbeciles several years ago. They have no regard or respect for anyone. A friend of mine who went to watch Man Utd play at Anfield, was covered in excrement from the upper tier, which was thrown down by Liverpool fans in plastic cups. Hence the reason have been forced to erect a metal grate above the lower tier, to stop this happening again. I suggest you butt out and continue to follow the premier league on your computer. No doubt you are also oblivious to individual Chelsea fans being picked off and attacked, as we left the game on Sunday
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29/04/2014 17:14:00

Blueheart9 is very right. The way some clubs hide behind the word 'class' as if their ***** don't stink can be infuriating when we all know the things they perpetrate.
Report Abuse
29/04/2014 19:20:00

I thought you lot were going to win on Sunday - then I understood why you didn't after the game - it seemed that all the unhatched chickens had been counted already before the game... what a missed chance!!!
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 02:12:00

There is no doubt we were naive and we have employed similar tactics in the past, particularly under Benitez in Europe. Winning is the be-all and end-all and therefore fair play to Chelsea. That said, I’m not sure why Mourinho and many Chelsea fans are celebrating so wildly about it when all they’ve effectively done is hand the title to Manchester City. Also after his previous comments about teams employing such tactics it does make him look a massive hypocrite. As for our fans, yes we have some bad eggs just like everyone else. From what I heard the fan who got attacked at the weekend had spat on the Hillsborough memorial – if so, I can understand while some fans reacted. Doesn’t excuse such behaviour of course but can happen anywhere.
The Bagman
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 10:05:00

@The Bagman, the spitting incident on the Hillsborough memorial at the weekend, has been categorically denied by the Liverpool police. The reason like myself, we are all so overjoyed about Chelsea`s win at the weekend, is that the continual abuse, hatred and lack of respect that Liverpool fans vent towards us on a continual basis is the reasoning, along with LFC blaming CHELSEA fans for being responsible for the disaster at Heysel. Your fans hatred is based purely on jealousy, in relation to our rise in fortunes at the same time that Liverpool FC faced a rapid decline. The response by Chelsea fans to a man, is that we would much prefer Man City in the title. Once again homophobic `rent boy` chants were hurled at us at the weekend and your club do nothing to discourage or stop that. There lies your answer.
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 10:43:00

get back in your cage you biased idiot
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 11:37:00

Well said @BigRed83. The hatred goes both ways - such as your fans not respecting the minute’s silence for Hillsborough (more than once) and you, like most clubs, also happily sing a number of derogatory chants about our club and individual players. God knows what your Heysel comment refers to. Idiot.
The Bagman
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 11:41:00

In the immediate days after the Heysel disaster, LFC made a statement to the media claiming that CHELSEA, LEEDS and WEST HAM fans had infiltrated the Liverpool fans in the Heysel stadium and were responsible for the trouble that occurred. so I suggest you check your facts. 14 LIVERPOOL fans were charged with manslaughter and imprisoned, no other fan from no other club, but absolutely no apology. Unfortunately some idiots at our club disrespected the minutes silence in relation to Hillsborough and I totally agree that is unacceptable.
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 12:06:00

@Bagman, I suggest you tap in Chelsea, Leeds and West Ham blamed for Heysel on your computer and see what comes up. Hence the chant `Its never your fault, always the victims`.
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 12:16:00

Like with your own views, the comments of individuals shouldn`t be held against the majority particularly over a quarter of a century later. Most sane-minded Liverpool fans begrudgingly accept responsibility for Heysel was largely our own (good article on it by another LFC site). All clubs, notably your own, had hooligans connected to them at that time and it could easily have been a tragedy involving someone else. There were also numerous other factors such as the poor maintenance of the stadium - walls shouldn't just collapse! [Edited by Gavin John Day]
The Bagman
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 12:39:00

Once you`ve done that, you can maybe accept that you are wrong in calling me an idiot, accept your then chairman John Smith accused Chelsea fans of being responsible for the trouble and consequent deaths of 39 innocent people and apologise.
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 12:46:00

To Liverpool fans, I apologise for Blue_Mel.. He himself has no class . and is not representative us at Vital Chelsea . My humble apologies for his less than humane attitude.
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30/04/2014 14:53:00

I'd just like to but in and say thanks very much to Liverpool for their naivity and to Chelsea for their win on Sunday. Carry on squabling whilst we slip into title winning mode. I imagine Liverpool will draw at Palace, Chelsea will win and we will win at Everton and at home to Villa. On the final day Liverpool 81, Chelsea 81 and ourselves 83 - leaving us needing just a draw at home to the Hammers. And I hope Chelsea get stuffed this evening - cannot abide either of your clubs.
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 15:27:00

Great to see such intelligent debate on the topic of … what was it again … oh yeah, the merits of Chelsea's win at Anfield. Never mind, there is, without doubt, a sickening animosity between the clubs and so I'll say this: while we all keep holding on to the hatred, born out of whatever misjustices we feel, then the only result is the perpetuating of further hatred and nothing will change. It's your call Blueheart9. I don't know what you expect on this fansite, because you're not going to get any official apologies in answer to your grievances. I'm not going to question the validity of your claims nor defend any abhorrent behavior by fans but I'm afraid from what I've read, you have become as ugly as the things you despise the most.
Paul Higgins
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 16:05:00

Were you there @Blueheart9? Or are you merely peddling an agenda based on what others with a biased viewpoint have subsequently said and written? From what I understand John Smith based his comments on claims originally made by Juventus fans and police at the game - although admittedly they were ill judged and subsequently never proved. It is however true that from a supporters perspective only Liverpool fans were ever arrested and charged, although others such as the chief of security were convicted of involuntary manslaughter which suggests we cannot solely be blamed. In context, Smith`s comments were hardly outrageous given the state of the game at the time and the fact hooligans - you guys had a particularly notorious group lets not forget - often travelled to games they were not even involved in solely to cause trouble... Anyway, fans of rival clubs are never going to fully agree on subjects like this so I will say no more and stop rising to your bait… Thanks for the comments [Edited by Gavin John Day]
The Bagman
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 17:23:00

Think the bus drivers must have gone on strike with the RMT tonight.
Report Abuse
30/04/2014 21:51:00

Not on strike, actually went to see my team play. There would be nothing better than all opposing fans to mix in a civil way, but it is not just Chelsea fans that cite the ugly side of mixing with Liverpool fans. Why is that ? Most other clubs (Leeds and Millwall not included) have moved on from this, but still this appalling scenario continues. After 2 disasters associated to LFC regardless of the consequences, you really would think that it would make people reflect, contain their anger and respect other individuals around them. But sadly this is not the case. There is nothing that would please me more, than meeting fellow Liverpool fans before or after a game, share a drink and a laugh, along with a bit of banter and then both going on their way. At most clubs we can do that.
Report Abuse
01/05/2014 10:59:00

Funny that we do that with most teams. I've had some superb away days with fans from Blackburn, Wigan, Norwich, Fulham, Spurs, Charlton to name a few. And had some great chat at home games from teams too numerous to mention. Never had it with Arsenal, Chelsea and Utd though. Not saying you can't, just that the atmosphere amongst each sides fans just won't allow it. Shame really, because there are some great fans from all clubs.
Report Abuse
01/05/2014 17:54:00

@Rafa I agree, its about time everyone grew up and behaved themselves, if things don`t change, sadly there will be another death at an English game. How may more times before this hatred finally stops. If you wish to contact me, prior to the next Liverpool v Chelsea game via Vital football, I am very happy to meet up and have a beer.
Report Abuse
02/05/2014 09:45:00


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