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A laugh at Chelsea

As everyone knows, it hasn't been a good season for us. In fact it has been awful at various points. However, that shouldn't detract from what is a very enjoyable day today.

Chelsea did their usual in the Champion's league. i.e Bottled it then reverted to type by stamping on players, running over stewards in their cars, you know... The normal.

Chelsea aren't going Inter the next round.

Now I know that Chelsea aren't really anything to us, much as they would like to be (God knows, how much they would love to be!) but at various points this season there has been great delight taken at Vital Chelsea about us going out of Europe/ imploding etc.

I think they call it karma.

So that`s it. All 'big club' pretensions can be put away for another year along with their dainty little plastic flags. It's over and if it couldn't be anymore funny, it is over at the expense of one of their heroes. Or is he still a hero, I definitely heard chants of 'F*ck off Mourinho' last night and I don't expect they came from the Inter fans, although I could be wrong as it was them, after all, who made all the noise.

They are a classy bunch our nouveau riche cousin botherers in that London.

Just one question remains. Exactly who is going to be getting the death threats this year?

Enjoy Reds.

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The Journalist

Writer: KB1 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday March 17 2010

Time: 5:13PM

Your Comments

Liverpool- (n.) a club where history has been redefined along exactingly narrow parameters to mean not all events that happened in the past, but success attained in a previous existence.
So we are has beens and you are never gonna be's? Now run along and get stamps, those death threats don't post themselves.
haha lets all laugh together...wait where's the rest of the crowd?? Gone Pretty quiet since you stop winning trophies.Check at vital utd you might find some of your fans there.
Good article KB1. :)
LOsers , you won't finish fourth , will not win Uefa cup or anything else ..................and have a fat A S S As a manager and i see no one commenting on these articles , where are your fan's?Ok they may be with everton!!!!!!!!!!History is very bad to have ya know
Plastic fans - Check. Plastic Club - Check. Plastic flags - check. Plastic head - Cech.
I know another group of people that bragged about their history once....the Germans.
Point me in the direction of where I actually mentioned our history in the article. Thanks.
KB1- Here was an excerpt from Martin Samuel observations about the attitude of Liverpool supporters- "Chelsea do not have history either, apparently, despite beating Liverpool to a European trophy by two years in 1971. Manchester City beat them into being by five years, to the FA Cup by 61 years, to the League Cup by 11 years and to a European trophy by three years. Liverpool certainly made up for it after that but it is a bit disingenuous to regard history merely as events that took place over two specific decades."-- Sums up your opinions very nicely, doesn't it?
Which opinions would that be? Like I said, point me towards where I mentioned our history in the article. I laughed at your lot failing, the way your site does at ours. You are such sensitive souls but then there are retired referees who can testify to that.
You opened the notion of history in your first post- "So we are has beens and you are never gonna be's?"
The post responding to your dictionary reference about history? You opened the notion, there is a clear audit trail of that. Feeling silly now?
Yeah, I opened the door, and you walked right through it. Just like a scouser to call us "never gonna be's" when we beat you to a European trophy by two years.
That history chant really cut right through your support didn't it. Job done.
A chelsea fan raises the point about history then moans about us responding in kind. You can't make that up. You seem to have touched a nerve KB1. :)
KB1, what a sad fella you are. That is all you have left to enjoy at your club. If you guys dont qulify (and you wont) for CL this year then you lot wont be seen in CL for some years. Dont get surprise if we dont miss you. I have to symapathise you for your club and your state of mind.
Keyser Soze
Johndoe, yah mate you got history and you are a history. We are more than happy with our present & looking at our future. Fools!!!
Keyser Soze
Has Vital Liverpool had a pool about whether you gonna make it to the CL next season? Probably it would be a waste of time anyway.
I suppose you wont mind us commenting on you lot when you loose on Thurs......
Considering the average age of your squad Keyser Soze I wouldn't be too optimistic about your future unless RA invests another 100 mil in new players. What odds about that happening again?
JD, dont worry mate. RA is as committed as ever. We at least have a CL for the time being and good shot at PL this season. What does you lot have got. A girly boy called torres, whose status will be a former legend come 2011. After that what...Stevie the mob & Rafa the waiter. Looks bright is not it...??
Keyser Soze
*CL spot*
Keyser Soze
No moaning about a response in kind. I am just allowing you lot to prove that you're as arrogant as people make you out to be.
LOL, Chelsea fans accusing other fans of being arrogant.
RA hasn't showed his commitment for the past four years Keyser Soze. I doubt that he will spend like he did when he first bought Chelsea. And you'll need that level of spending in the next few years if you want to revamp your ageing squad.
JD, I dont think we need that kind of spending. We need 3-4 quality players which may cost us 50-70 million. Apart from that we have got some decent players coming up from youth academy. We dont actually need a revamp, its just CA need to buy players according to his style of play.
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze, By the beggining of next season Drogba will be 32 years old, Anelka 31, Malouda 30, Lampard 32, Ballack 33, 34 in September, Belleti 34, Carvalho 32, Deco 33, Ferreira 31, and Terry and Ashley Cole will be 29. You will need that level of spending sooner or later if you want to stay at or near the top of the league.
JD,.... Belleti, Deco, Ferreira & may be Carvalho too will be part of clear out this summer. We may also do away with Anelka & Joe Cole. Out of all these players only 2 are regular starters...Anelka & Carvalho. Our squad is filled with International players more than we require. So we may cut down our squad size next season. Drogba & A Cole are in their form of life despite being wrong side of age. Lampard & Terry still have something to offer in coming years. We are missing Essein hugely this he is the most important player for big games. Hope he returns before Manu, Spurs and Lpool games. If you compare L'pool squad to Chelsea ....only 3 of Liverpool's will get a place in Chelsea staring 11....torres , gerard & Reina. All these 3 players also crying for more quality purchases whole season. Apart from these 3 the whole squad of yours is average to say the least.
Keyser Soze
enjoy your scrap for 7th place lads and then waving goodbye to Rafa in the summer!
Oh! And if we do feck up the PL then I'd love United to wipe your 18 titles from the top of the leaderboard!
Keyser Soze, Those players cost more than 100 mil when you bought them, stands to reason that you'll have to spend a similar amount to replace them, more if you factor in inflation. With regards to our squad, Mascherano would make your starting 11, as would Johnson, you did try to sign him by the way. I'd pick Benayoun ahead of Joe Cole also.
That would still leave us with Liverpool 18 titles, Chelsea 3 merlin.
It must feel nice to finally have something to talk about again JD. If things looked as glum for Chelsea I might only have 9 posts as well. But probably not.
I never posted much rslack, regardless of our results.
Is it funnier losing to inter or for a club with all its grand history lose to Lille? I would rather have billionaire who doesnt care than a bunch of american hacks taking a p_iss at your history.
Funny that we're 'sad' and 'obsessed' when we have a bit of a giggle about your failings over on VC, and yet you're sticking up articles like this at the same time? A little bit hypocritical, actually. And don't you think you laughing at us for not making the CL last-eight is a bit like Pompey laughing at Chester City for being broke?
KB may you kindly tell me where I can find the other 6 of your fans? Your fans definitely dont walk alone,they follow rooney at vital utd instead.
I dunno haw Liverpool could laugh? Have u checked the table?
Lads, lads, lads... is there any need for this bickering? You lot, over at vital Chelski, laughed heartily over our exit from this years CL... Now, we at vital Liverpool, have something similar to smile about... It's all a matter swings ' n' roundabouts!!! :)
I have seriously touched a nerve here. Such a touchy lot. I am now awaiting the obligatory death threats.
Irony. Every non-Liverpool forum in the world is currently having a laugh at Liverpool.
Personally, I'm not all that fussed, without us in the CL, it seems alot crappier this year ;) Anyone but the mancs and Arsenal. London will remain a European Cup free zone :)
KB,consider your house burned & your tires slashed :)
Huge game tonight for Cesspool eh? Trailing the mighty Lille 1 nil in the uefa cup. Then they also tell us that their players (currently languishing in 5th position and fighting to secure another uefa cup spot) would walk into our team!! Funny stuff indeed. Perhaps if you lot were attempting to win the premiership on a yearly basis and not challenging the like of Lille, actually I say challenging but that performance against Lille was only challenging me to stay awake, then maybe there would be some weight in this article. That said, well done for actually getting people back to VL, albeit Chelsea fans hahaha.
lmfao.... Zbam you really talk $ hit mate if i remember correctly wasn't it your fans moaning about the injuries costing you so many points last season... the exact same thing we are suffering from this season we have had a $ hit season no doubt but we still have a chance of finishing 4th just think what we would have done if we had our squad fully fit the whole season.... and dont go on about its all ifs and buts because so many chelsea fans were saying the same thing last season.... you lot know that we challege for the title we have just had NO luck at all this season with injuries and beach balls ect.... dont tell me that you lot wouldn't be moaning if you were in our position..... just remember you were last season and look what happened to your title hopes....
Bindippers - a decent side for 20 years in the 70's and 80's, that's it. Have you ever seen Ickle Me win the premier league? Oh and where are you in the table, is it 7th, deary me you may be on channel 5 on Thursday nights next season as well. You know what they say - two players can't win a league lol!
Blaming beach balls for your poor showing this campaign? I really have heard it all now!
it's been quite easy for us chelsea fans to swallow. at least it's the first time we've DESERVED to be knocked out in 4 out of 5 seasons. cheap shots by all of you. villa for 4th!
DS1 - if it your lot that it happened to and you lost the game we would never of heard the end of it..... abit like the goal that never was mate GET OVER IT
nar86 - to be fair i might have a laugh about you lot being knocked out but if you look on vital chelsea i did go and say good luck and i hoped you lot won the champions league and the only team i would want to win it...... i also will say yeah you lot never played great but you should of had 3 penalties no doubt drogba was rugby tackled before the supposed stamp so i thought you were hard done by rather than didnt deserve it....
LOL, how the hell did I miss this one? I have been abroad working on a top secret mission to spread the Chelski message to Togo and Burkina Faso as a 'John Terry', which is the term for a missionary position.
Good god the humour here is world class eh?! Beach balls, mwahahahahahaha.
Das, blaming referees (more than once), 'ghost goals' (when you would have been down to ten men and facing a penalty) and all the rest - i have really heard it all.
Blaming beach balls when you should be able to beat the opposition with or without the interference of Pool fans and their beach toys - now thats taking the *****!! In fact, putting out a team that doesn't have Ickle Me and Torres in the starting line up, what was Rafa thinking??!!1!
" In fact, putting out a team that doesn't have Ickle Me and Torres in the starting line up, what was Rafa thinking??!!1!" That they were injured and can't play!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't feed the animals JD!!
My bad.
Yes JD. :)

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