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Vital Liverpool - Archives for 2007

Liverpool Confirmed Team News (01/01/2007)

Rafa Prepares For Bolton Battle (01/01/2007)

Benitez Hails Wingers (02/01/2007)

Crouch Determined To Stay (02/01/2007)

Alonso Staying Put (03/01/2007)

Pennant Delighted With Display (03/01/2007)

Gerrard Eyes Cup Double (03/01/2007)

Crouch Must Stay! (04/01/2007)

Right Back Wanted By Reds Fans (04/01/2007)

Rumour: LFC Track Rosenior (05/01/2007)

Carson: NO - Diao: Yes (05/01/2007)

Your LFC Videos Needed (05/01/2007)

Liverpool Back Justice Protest (05/01/2007)

Riise Hails 'World Best Fan's' (05/01/2007)

RTK To Show BBC The 'TRUTH' (06/01/2007)

Rafa Hails Hardworking Kuyt (06/01/2007)

Liverpool Confirmed Team (06/01/2007)

Gunners Shoot Down Liverpool (07/01/2007)

Rafa Rues Costly Mistakes (07/01/2007)

Alonso Denies Diving (07/01/2007)

Pride Means More Than The League (08/01/2007)

Rumour: Ayala Ours In Jan (08/01/2007)

Lame Reds Lack Imagination (08/01/2007)

Liverpool v Arsenal team news (09/01/2007)

LFC Team VS Arsenal (09/01/2007)

Serious Injury to Gonzalez (09/01/2007)

Young Guns Humiliate Reds (10/01/2007)

Hang Your Head In Shame, Rafa (10/01/2007)

Dudek Devastated By Performance (10/01/2007)

Garcia Sidelined For 6 Month's (10/01/2007)

Liverpool Sign Argentine Defender (12/01/2007)

Liverpool Make Seven Changes (13/01/2007)

Liverpool Sign Italian Under-21 (13/01/2007)

Liverpool Sting Hornets (13/01/2007)

Gonzalez To Return (13/01/2007)

Benitez: We Can Catch Chelsea (13/01/2007)

No Pressure For Rafa (14/01/2007)

We Win And Lose As A Team (14/01/2007)

Liverpool Takeover Almost Complete (14/01/2007)

Villa Tops Reds Fans Wishlist (14/01/2007)

Carra Keen To Narrow The Gap (15/01/2007)

Kuyt: We're Ready For Chelsea (15/01/2007)

Potter Thrown To The Wolves (15/01/2007)

A Tactical Rafalation (16/01/2007)

Liverpool Seek Mascherano Option (17/01/2007)

Rafa Losing Patience With Neill (17/01/2007)

Sissoko On Course To Return (17/01/2007)

Finnan Rues Poor Start (17/01/2007)

Greedy Neill Rejects Reds (18/01/2007)

Alonso Staying Put (18/01/2007)

Blackburn Still Keen On Warnock (18/01/2007)

Kuyt Here For The Long Term (18/01/2007)

Gerrard: Don't Write Us Off (19/01/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (20/01/2007)

Reds Fans Fancy Win Over Chelsea (20/01/2007)

Reds Give Jose The Blues (20/01/2007)

Mourinho Gracious In Defeat (20/01/2007)

Rafa Full Of Praise For Reds (20/01/2007)

Chelsea Aren't Singing Anymore? (21/01/2007)

Pennant Delighted With Goal (21/01/2007)

No Title Talk From Gerrard (21/01/2007)

Kewell Targets Barcelona (21/01/2007)

Warnock Signs For Blackburn (22/01/2007)

Benitez: No Excuses For Chelsea (22/01/2007)

Alonso Welcomes Psychological Boost (23/01/2007)

No Regrets For Warnock (23/01/2007)

Stoke Extend Diao Loan Deal (24/01/2007)

Neill Denies Greedy Tag (24/01/2007)

Liverpool Sign Ajax Youngster (24/01/2007)

Mannix To Move To Norway (25/01/2007)

Ex Red Babbel Retires (25/01/2007)

Liverpool Takeover Moves Closer (25/01/2007)

Benitez Surprised By Neill Comments (25/01/2007)

The Sissoko Dilemma (26/01/2007)

Rafa Wants More Goals From Pennant (27/01/2007)

Benitez Focused On West Ham (28/01/2007)

Kuyt Is Fans Favourite (28/01/2007)

Liverpool Receive Double Boost (29/01/2007)

Rafa Confident Of Mascherano Deal (29/01/2007)

Gerrard's Premiership Dream (30/01/2007)

Benitez: No Room For Error (30/01/2007)

Liverpool To Sign Spanish Defender (30/01/2007)

Confirmed Team VS West Ham (30/01/2007)

Liverpool Sink Hammers (31/01/2007)

Rafa Delighted With Reds Win (31/01/2007)

Liverpool Transfer Round-Up (01/02/2007)

Stop DIC-king Us Around, Mr Moores! (01/02/2007)

Parry Re-assures Red Fans (01/02/2007)

Benitez Backs The Board (01/02/2007)

New Signing Gives First Interview (01/02/2007)

Mascherano an 'option' for the club? (02/02/2007)

Liverpool Sign Huth (02/02/2007)

Rafa ahead of derby AUDIO (02/02/2007)

Villa Game Moved (02/02/2007)

Cisse Return? (02/02/2007)

Premier League Delay Move (02/02/2007)

Is Gillette the best LFC can get? (03/02/2007)

Confirmed Team VS Everton (03/02/2007)

Derby Day Blues For Liverpool (03/02/2007)

Rafa's Derby Frustration (03/02/2007)

Benitez Hopes For A Speedy Takeover (04/02/2007)

Mascherano Keen To Repay Reds (04/02/2007)

Red Fans Cautious On Title Hopes (04/02/2007)

Everton Hurt By The Truth (04/02/2007)

Gerrard on Xabi & Spain AUDIO (05/02/2007)

Gerrard's Derby Disappointment (05/02/2007)

Pearce on England U-21 (AUDIO) (06/02/2007)

Disappointment over the weekend (06/02/2007)

Liverpool agree takeover deal (06/02/2007)

Hicks & Gillett speak! (AUDIO) (06/02/2007)

LFC Forum Moderators Needed (07/02/2007)

The Futures Bright, The Futures RED! (07/02/2007)

Rafa Impressed By American Dream (08/02/2007)

Benitez Pays Tribute To Moores (08/02/2007)

Gillett Keen To Earn Respect (08/02/2007)

Carragher Impressed By New Owners (08/02/2007)

Liverpool And Everton Fined (09/02/2007)

Rafa on Takeover & Javier (AUDIO) (09/02/2007)

Rafa Wins Manager Of The Month (10/02/2007)

Bellamy Ready For The Toon (10/02/2007)

Newcastle vs Liverpool Team News (10/02/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Line Up (10/02/2007)

Newcastle 2-1 Liverpool (10/02/2007)

Gerrard: New Owners Mean Business (11/02/2007)

Parry: Rafa Is The Key (11/02/2007)

Fans Say Everton Are A Small Club (12/02/2007)

Liverpool On Retreat (12/02/2007)

Kuyt Calls For Ruthless Reds (12/02/2007)

Carra and Gerrard Get Euro Call Up (14/02/2007)

Italian Keeper Keen For Anfield Stay (14/02/2007)

The Price Of Success (14/02/2007)

Riise Relishing Barca Showdown (14/02/2007)

Kewell Injury Puzzle (14/02/2007)

Gerrard Not Worried By Barca (14/02/2007)

Merseyside - Rivalry Or Hate-Red? (14/02/2007)

Reina Praises The Kop (15/02/2007)

United Or Chelsea? (15/02/2007)

Liverpool Sponsorship Farce (16/02/2007)

Gerrard A Red For Life (18/02/2007)

Liverpool Set To Sign New Striker (18/02/2007)

More Press Lies About Liverpool (18/02/2007)

Rafa Lays Down The Law (18/02/2007)

Liverpool's Algarve Shame Or Sham? (18/02/2007)

Zenden: The Pressure Is On Barca (19/02/2007)

Barca Chief Worried About Gerrard (19/02/2007)

Mascherano Becomes A Red (20/02/2007)

Rijkaard Hails Reds (20/02/2007)

Benitez Aiming For A Win (20/02/2007)

Unleash Bellamy On Barcelona (21/02/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (21/02/2007)

Bad Boy Reds Sink Barca (22/02/2007)

Rafa Delighted With Team Spirit (22/02/2007)

Bellamy's Greatest Moment (22/02/2007)

Swing When You’re Tinning (Preview) (22/02/2007)

Bellamy Ignores Exit Talk (23/02/2007)

Mascherano Set For Reds Debut (23/02/2007)

FT: Liverpool 4-0 Sheffield Utd (24/02/2007)

Broken Nose For Crouch (25/02/2007)

Rafa Hails A Perfect Week (25/02/2007)

Fowler Defends Gerrard (25/02/2007)

Alonso Rules Out Move (25/02/2007)

Riise Wants Bellamy To Stay A Red (25/02/2007)

Kuyt Praises Legendary Fowler (26/02/2007)

Ukrainian Hitman Joins Reds (26/02/2007)

Benitez - A Tactical Master (26/02/2007)

Fowler In Talks With MLS Team (28/02/2007)

Gerrard Determined To Beat United (28/02/2007)

What Do You Want From 'New Anfield'? (28/02/2007)

The fruit is on the other foot (01/03/2007)

Reina Impressed By Young Reds (01/03/2007)

Red Fans Back New Owners (01/03/2007)

Time For Fowler To Go? (01/03/2007)

Bellamy Speaks Out (02/03/2007)

Plans For Single Tier Kop (02/03/2007)

Join The LFC Debate - 100% Free (02/03/2007)

FSF Petition Against Rip-off Prices (02/03/2007)

Rafa: We Need To Beat United (02/03/2007)

Liverpool v Man Utd Team News (02/03/2007)

Confirmed Liverpool Team (03/03/2007)

Liverpool Mugged By United (03/03/2007)

Ferguson: Liverpool Very Unlucky (03/03/2007)

Rafa: We Deserved To Win (03/03/2007)

Rafa on Man Utd loss (AUDIO) (03/03/2007)

We Woz Robbed! (04/03/2007)

Gerrard Calls For Algarve Return (04/03/2007)

Kuyt Backs Reds Bouncebackability (04/03/2007)

Gerrard Issues Rallying Cry (05/03/2007)

Rafa Orders Attacking Policy (05/03/2007)

Liverpool v Barcelona Team News (05/03/2007)

Barcelona Or Bust! (05/03/2007)

Gerrard on Barca (AUDIO) (06/03/2007)

Villa Hints At Liverpool Interest (06/03/2007)

Confirmed Team VS Barca (06/03/2007)

Reds Advance Despite Defeat (06/03/2007)

Rijkaard Gracious In Defeat (07/03/2007)

Rafa Praises Supporters (07/03/2007)

Rafa on Barca away goals win (AUDIO) (07/03/2007)

Crouch: We Can Go All The Way (07/03/2007)

Rafa Astonished By Carragher (07/03/2007)

Fans Say `YES´ To Video Evidence (08/03/2007)

Alonso: We Fear No One (08/03/2007)

Who Will Be Our Next Euro Victims? (08/03/2007)

Liverpool Draw PSV (09/03/2007)

Anfield USA Takeover Complete (09/03/2007)

Koeman Unhappy With Liverpool Draw (09/03/2007)

Rafa Cautious About PSV Draw (09/03/2007)

No Anfield Return For Pongolle (10/03/2007)

Crouch Sidelined For Four Weeks (10/03/2007)

Fans Expect Fowler Farewell (10/03/2007)

Carra: Benitez Is Here To Stay (11/03/2007)

Poles Apart: Benitez And Wenger (11/03/2007)

Rafa Impressed By Arbeloa (12/03/2007)

The Red Road To Athens? (13/03/2007)

FFC Survey On Technology (13/03/2007)

Crouch Will Battle For His Place (13/03/2007)

Benitez Dismisses Real Links (14/03/2007)

Kuyt Hungry For Goals (14/03/2007)

Lettuce get it on (15/03/2007)

Peltier Joins Hull On Loan (16/03/2007)

Forum: Fowler to Retire (16/03/2007)

Top Four Is Still The First Priority (16/03/2007)

Idrizaj Joins Luton On Loan (16/03/2007)

Mixing With Villians (17/03/2007)

O'Neill Tips Liverpool For Title (17/03/2007)

FT: Villa 0-0 Liverpool (18/03/2007)

Sissoko's Vieira Goal (19/03/2007)

Carra: We Want Third Spot (19/03/2007)

Rafa Insists Reds Are Focused (19/03/2007)

Liverpool Reach Final (19/03/2007)

He Who Dares,Wins (20/03/2007)

Agent Dismisses Rafa Rumours (21/03/2007)

Forum: Goran Pandev (21/03/2007)


He`s in the Nic (Betting Preview) (22/03/2007)

Hicks Wants Better Deal For Fans (23/03/2007)

Kewell Nears Reds Return (23/03/2007)

Pennant Frustrated By England Snub (24/03/2007)

Reds Fans Want Alves (24/03/2007)

Rafa Bigs Up Mascherano (25/03/2007)

Alonso: We're in a good position (26/03/2007)

Morgan: I decided to sell (27/03/2007)

USA Takeover Complete (27/03/2007)

Terry & Gerrard on Andorra (AUDIO) (27/03/2007)

Central Role For Gerrard (28/03/2007)

Everton Groundshare? What the..... (28/03/2007)

That Lam Chop was Delightful (29/03/2007)

Vital Liverpool, Your Liverpool (29/03/2007)

Rafa Out For Revenge (30/03/2007)

Gerrard Backs Boss To Deliver Title (30/03/2007)

Benitez Praises Carragher (30/03/2007)

A Game Driven By Greed (30/03/2007)

Give Gerrard The England Captaincy (30/03/2007)

Confirmed Liverpool Team (31/03/2007)

Crouch Treble Sinks Gunners (31/03/2007)

Wenger: We Couldn't Handle Crouch (31/03/2007)

Rafa Delighted With Reds Display (31/03/2007)

Gillett Refuses To Share (31/03/2007)

Aurelio Ready To Deliver (02/04/2007)

Rafa: We Won't Underestimate PSV (02/04/2007)

Peter Crouch, My Favourite Giant (02/04/2007)

Finnan's Euro Dream (03/04/2007)

Confirmed Team vs PSV (03/04/2007)

Liverpool Outclass PSV (03/04/2007)

Koeman Devastated By Defeat (04/04/2007)

Mixed Emotions For Benitez (04/04/2007)

Reds Peaking Perfectly (04/04/2007)

Another Step On The Road To Athens (04/04/2007)

Beer Today Scone Tomorrow (05/04/2007)

No Knighthood For Paisley (05/04/2007)

Aurelio Back For Pre-Season (05/04/2007)

Reina Keen To Extend Contract (05/04/2007)

Reds Fans Against Terraces Return (06/04/2007)

Rafa: We Need To Keep It Going (07/04/2007)

Reading v Liverpool Team News (07/04/2007)

Shove Your Knighthood, Mr Blair (07/04/2007)

Kuyt Wins It For Reds (07/04/2007)

Rafa Happy With Hardworking Reds (07/04/2007)

Mascherano Very Happy To Be A Red (10/04/2007)

Rafa: Peter Crouch Is Not For Sale (10/04/2007)

Reds Favour Valencia (10/04/2007)

Rafa ahead of PSV (AUDIO) (10/04/2007)

Is Bellamy The Odd Man Out? (11/04/2007)

Liverpool Cruise Past PSV (11/04/2007)

Crouch Hoping For More Goals (11/04/2007)

An Expired Pizza to Enter Jordan (12/04/2007)

Rafa on PSV win (AUDIO) (12/04/2007)

Gonzalez: I'm very happy (13/04/2007)

Alonso: We`re a confident team (13/04/2007)

Rafa Against Managers Talking (13/04/2007)

An Everton View On Liverpool (13/04/2007)

Vital Liverpool Needs YOU!! (13/04/2007)

Hope For Hillsborough - UPDATE (13/04/2007)

Bellamy Fit For Middlesborough (13/04/2007)

Forum: Owen Rumours (14/04/2007)

Bring On Chelsea (Again!) (14/04/2007)

Rafa on Man City draw (AUDIO) (14/04/2007)

Rafa: I'm Disappointed (15/04/2007)

92% Support Standing At Football (16/04/2007)

Crouch Staying Red (16/04/2007)

Bellamy Ruled Out (17/04/2007)

Gunners Go Forth (17/04/2007)

Liverpool, The Dream Breakers (17/04/2007)

Cisse Unsure About Future (18/04/2007)

Rafa Rejects Real Deal (18/04/2007)

Confirmed Liverpool Team (18/04/2007)

The Heir on the Dog (19/04/2007)

Gerrard Double Downs Boro (19/04/2007)

Wigan First, Chelsea Later (19/04/2007)

Pennant Delighted With Form (19/04/2007)

All Hail King Rafa (20/04/2007)

Benitez Issues Reds Warning (21/04/2007)

Liverpool v Wigan Latest Team News (21/04/2007)

Bellamy Desperate For Reds Return (21/04/2007)

Liverpool Cruise Past Wigan (21/04/2007)

Almost Perfect For Benitez (21/04/2007)

Benitez Has Respect For Mourinho (22/04/2007)

Gerrard: Chelsea Make Me Laugh (22/04/2007)

Deadly Dirk On The Double (23/04/2007)

Reina The Record Breaker (23/04/2007)

Crouch Hungry For Euro Glory (24/04/2007)

A Chat With Vital Chelsea! (24/04/2007)

Rafa ahead of Chelsea (AUDIO) (24/04/2007)

Mourinho Shows His Lack Of Class (24/04/2007)

Rafa Puts Mourinho Back In His Place (24/04/2007)

Advantage Chelsea (slightly) (26/04/2007)

Mourinho Happy But Still Moaning (26/04/2007)

Benitez: We Can Still Do It (26/04/2007)

Benitez on Chelsea loss (AUDIO) (26/04/2007)

A Little Wayne Never Hurt Anyone (26/04/2007)

Reds Retain FA Youth Cup (26/04/2007)

Liverpool Down, But Not Out! (27/04/2007)

Portsmouth v Liverpool Team News (27/04/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Line -Up (28/04/2007)

Pompey 2-1 Liverpool (29/04/2007)

Rafa Rues Mistakes (29/04/2007)

Bellamy Denies Rafa Rift (29/04/2007)

Rafa ahead of Chelsea (AUDIO) (30/04/2007)

Kewell Returns (30/04/2007)

Liverpool v Chelsea - Team News (30/04/2007)

Anfield Expects! (01/05/2007)

In Athens, We'll Bring It Home!! (01/05/2007)

Rafa joy at Chelsea win (AUDIO) (02/05/2007)

European Football Stadia Survey (02/05/2007)

Mourinho: The Best Team Lost (02/05/2007)

Rafa Eyes Premiership Challenge (02/05/2007)

Tragedy Strikes Chelsea! (02/05/2007)

Its AC Milan Again! (02/05/2007)

McCaffrey`s Gone Flat (Prem preview) (03/05/2007)

FFC/Vital Football Offer (03/05/2007)

and then there was one! (04/05/2007)

Rafa confirms Gerrard talks (AUDIO) (04/05/2007)

Gattuso Dismisses Liverpool (04/05/2007)

Sinama-Pongolle Completes Switch (04/05/2007)

Five Reds In Contract Talks (04/05/2007)

Fulham v Liverpool team news (04/05/2007)

Carra & Pennant on Chelsea (VIDEO) (04/05/2007)

Fulham 1-0 Liverpool (06/05/2007)

Angry Rafa Blasts Officials (06/05/2007)

Carragher Hits Back At Mourinho (06/05/2007)

Dudek Prepares For Anfield Farewell (07/05/2007)

Benitez Heaps Praise On Zenden (09/05/2007)

Finnan: Athens Build Up Has Begun (09/05/2007)

Ferguson 'Certain' Of Reds Defeat (09/05/2007)

Strength In Depth Or Inept? (09/05/2007)

64 Seconds in Paris (Preview) (10/05/2007)

Brown Banned For Alonso Headbutt (10/05/2007)

Liverpool Complain Over CL Tickets (10/05/2007)

Reds Confirm Asia Trophy Entry (10/05/2007)

Risse Says Dan's The Man (11/05/2007)

Fowler Set For Anfield Farewell (11/05/2007)

Rafa Backs Robbie To Score (11/05/2007)

Liverpool Set For Brazilian Signing (12/05/2007)

Forum: Ticket Discussion (12/05/2007)

Lucas: Impossible To Turn Down Reds (13/05/2007)

Kewell Eyes Final Spot (13/05/2007)

Liverpool v Charlton team news (13/05/2007)

Fowler Farewell Ends In Stalemate (13/05/2007)

Pardew Delighted With Anfield Draw (13/05/2007)

No Injury Worries For Benitez (13/05/2007)

Carragher Tops In Defence (15/05/2007)

Gerrard Close To New Deal (15/05/2007)

Mascherano Very Happy With Reds (16/05/2007)

Should Kewell Play In Athens? (17/05/2007)

Gattuso Out For Revenge (17/05/2007)

Gonzalez Concerned About Future (17/05/2007)

Riise: We're Milan's Worst Nightmare (17/05/2007)

Injury Blow For Zenden (18/05/2007)

FFC Survey - FA Cup + Next Season (18/05/2007)

FA Cup Final, Who Cares? (19/05/2007)

Finnan Eager To Remain Red (19/05/2007)

Pennant Keen To Make An Impact (19/05/2007)

Parry's Regret For Ticketless Reds (19/05/2007)

CL Final Preview Special (VIDEO) (21/05/2007)

Gerrard Tops In Midfield (21/05/2007)

Liverpool Delay Contract Talks (21/05/2007)

Zenden Still Hopeful (21/05/2007)

Hicks Vows To Back Rafa (21/05/2007)

Gerrard Not Worried By Gattuso (22/05/2007)

Ancelotti Calls For Cool Heads (22/05/2007)

Rafa Not Expecting A Thriller (22/05/2007)

In Athens We`ll Make It Six! (22/05/2007)

Rafa expects great final (AUDIO) (23/05/2007)

AC Milan Defeat Reds (24/05/2007)

Rafa on Final defeat (AUDIO) (24/05/2007)

Gonzalez And Zenden To Exit Reds (24/05/2007)

You Do Thumb Thing To Me (24/05/2007)

A Greek Tragedy (25/05/2007)

Gillett Promises To Support Benitez (26/05/2007)

Pennant Eyes Premiership Challenge (26/05/2007)

Eto'o Admits Kop Desire (27/05/2007)

Unhappy Sissoko Seeks Talks (27/05/2007)

Hungarian Duo Sign For Reds (28/05/2007)

Marseille Determined To Keep Cisse (28/05/2007)

Gerrard Calls For Title Challenge (28/05/2007)

Crouch Staying Red (28/05/2007)

Show Me The Money! (29/05/2007)

Kuyt Tops In Attack (29/05/2007)

Hyypia Not For Sale (29/05/2007)

Parry Confirms Simao Interest (29/05/2007)

Ronaldinho Joins Gerrard Fan Club (29/05/2007)

FSF Report On Safe Standing (30/05/2007)

Carson Gets England U-21 Call Up (30/05/2007)

Reds Enter Rotterdam Tournament (30/05/2007)

Rafa Ready To Spend (30/05/2007)

Malouda Reveals Liverpool Talks (31/05/2007)

Rafa: Hyypia Is Staying (31/05/2007)

Bellamy To Take Over Wales Captaincy (31/05/2007)

Should have gone to Becks, save us! (01/06/2007)

Sissoko Keen To Stay At Anfield (02/06/2007)

4 Signings To Bring Us The Title! (02/06/2007)

Gerrard Stars At New Wembley (02/06/2007)

Pennant Eyes England Call (02/06/2007)

Marseille Confirm Liverpool Talks (03/06/2007)

UEFA Reprimand Liverpool Fans (03/06/2007)

Gerrard & Carragher Sign Contracts (04/06/2007)

Liverpool Owner Slams UEFA 'Clown' (05/06/2007)

Gerrard Defends Reds Fans (05/06/2007)

Rafa Boosted By New Deals (05/06/2007)

Carra 'Desperate' For Title Bid (05/06/2007)

FFC On GB Olympic Team (05/06/2007)

UEFA Backtrack On Reds Criticism (05/06/2007)

New Stadium Plans Finalised (05/06/2007)

Vital Football 7 Aside Tournament (06/06/2007)

Anfield Legend Suffers Heart Attack (06/06/2007)

UEFA Muppets Should Sack Gaillard (07/06/2007)

Reina Kops New 5 Year Deal (07/06/2007)

Alonso Signs New Liverpool Deal (08/06/2007)

Exhausted Gerrard Welcomes Break (10/06/2007)

Carragher - Player Of The Season (11/06/2007)

Rafa Gets His House In Order (11/06/2007)

Voronin Keen To Make An Impact (11/06/2007)

FFC on terracing closure. (11/06/2007)

Gillett Denies Rafa Rift (12/06/2007)

Finnan Hoping For Strong Start (13/06/2007)

Liverpool Move For Benayoun (14/06/2007)

Liverpool Open At Villa (15/06/2007)

Alon-so Excited About The Future (15/06/2007)

Dudek Gets Real Deal (15/06/2007)

Time For Reds Fans To Kop On (15/06/2007)

Graham Matthews On LFC (15/06/2007)

No Panic Buying For Liverpool (16/06/2007)

Free The Fixtures Campaign (18/06/2007)

Liverpool Back Blades (18/06/2007)

Lucas Tipped To Shine For Reds (18/06/2007)

Shearer Slams Bellamy Links (20/06/2007)

Liverpool Third In Euro Rankings (21/06/2007)

Bellamy Criticism 'Out Of Order' (21/06/2007)

Liverpool Bid Rejected (21/06/2007)

Media Round Up: Torres Rumours (21/06/2007)

Garcia To Make Way For Torres? (22/06/2007)

Carson Set For Reds Return (22/06/2007)

Something Stirring At Anfield? (23/06/2007)

No Panic For Benitez (24/06/2007)

Kewell Desperate For Reds Return (25/06/2007)

No Torres Bid From Reds (25/06/2007)

Where's The American Revolution? (27/06/2007)

Liverpool Sign U21 Keeper (28/06/2007)

Liverpool Land Young Barca Star (30/06/2007)

Liverpool Linked With Man U Defender (30/06/2007)

Garcia Nears Anfield Exit (02/07/2007)

Fowler Praises Torres (02/07/2007)

Is Torres The Answer? (03/07/2007)

Garcia Completes Atletico Switch (03/07/2007)

Alonso Hails 'Brilliant' Torres (03/07/2007)

Liverpool To Unveil Torres Tomorrow (03/07/2007)

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Torres Arrives To Win Trophies (04/07/2007)

All Hail King Luis! (05/07/2007)

Kewell Fighting For New Deal (05/07/2007)

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Zenden Signs For Marseille (06/07/2007)

Voronin Couldn't Resist Reds (07/07/2007)

Momo Turned Down Barca And Juve (07/07/2007)

Victory For Liverpool At Wrexham (07/07/2007)

Bellamy And Cisse Exit Anfield (07/07/2007)

Changing Times At Anfield (09/07/2007)

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Liverpool To Launch TV Channel (11/07/2007)

Reds Agree Fee For Benayoun (11/07/2007)

Babel Agrees Terms With Liverpool (11/07/2007)

Benayoun Completes Liverpool Move (12/07/2007)

Reds Confirm Babel Signing (12/07/2007)

Babel speaks! (AUDIO) (13/07/2007)

Benayoun realises dream (AUDIO) (13/07/2007)

Stadium Plans Submitted By Reds (13/07/2007)

Benitez Delighted With Progress (13/07/2007)

The Futures Bright,The Futures RED! (14/07/2007)

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Dudek To Complete Real Deal (15/07/2007)

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The Geoff Thomas Foundation (15/07/2007)

Torres To Make Reds Debut (16/07/2007)

Voronin On The Double (18/07/2007)

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Dreamz Meanz Heinz(e) (18/07/2007)

Forum: Whats Your Best LFC 11? (18/07/2007)

Fergie: Heinze Not For Sale (19/07/2007)

Riise Spurred On By Competition (19/07/2007)

Gerrard Eyes Premiership Challenge (19/07/2007)

Liverpool Cruise To Victory (21/07/2007)

Benitez Praise For El Zhar (21/07/2007)

God Moves To Cardiff (21/07/2007)

New Contract For Finnan (24/07/2007)

Rafa Legally Persues Heinze (24/07/2007)

Pre Season Tedium (24/07/2007)

Reds Advance To Asian Final (24/07/2007)

Rafa Impressed With Voronin (24/07/2007)

Liverpool Unveil New Ground Design (25/07/2007)

Carra Should Quit On England (26/07/2007)

Rafa Happy With Selection Headache (26/07/2007)

Mourinho Mind Games? (26/07/2007)

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Liverpool Lose On Penalties (27/07/2007)

Redknapp Backs Reds For Title Tilt (28/07/2007)

Reds On The Rise (29/07/2007)

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Kuyt Ready For The Goals To Flow (29/07/2007)

Carra: Chelsea Are The Team To Beat (29/07/2007)

Reds May Continue Spending (30/07/2007)

Peter The Great (31/07/2007)

Where Will Your Club Be In 5 Years? (01/08/2007)

It`s not if, it`s Sven (02/08/2007)

Hyypia On The move? (02/08/2007)

Leto Set For Reds Debut (02/08/2007)

Liverpool Face Trip To France (03/08/2007)

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First Of Many For Torres (03/08/2007)

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Premiership Predictions (05/08/2007)

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Liverpool's Dutch Drama (06/08/2007)

Finnan: Reds Taking It Easy (06/08/2007)

Gerrard Returns To Centre (06/08/2007)

McLaren: I don't want to lose him (06/08/2007)

Hot Prospect Leaves On Loan (06/08/2007)

Pongolle Moves On (07/08/2007)

Kuyt Wants To Follow God (09/08/2007)

A Pair Of Golden Gloves For Reina (09/08/2007)

Who Will Start At Villa Park? (09/08/2007)

Rafa: We can challenge (09/08/2007)

Carson set for Villa Loan (09/08/2007)

Are You Better Than Benitez? (09/08/2007)

Who Is Charles Itandje? (09/08/2007)

Interview With An Aston Villa Fan (09/08/2007)

Fancy Your Chances As A Manager? (10/08/2007)

Forum: Is Cicinho next? (10/08/2007)

Carson Completes Villa Loan (10/08/2007)

Will This Be Liverpool`s Year? (11/08/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (11/08/2007)

Gerrard Seals Reds Win At Villa (11/08/2007)

Rafa Pleased With Torres Debut (11/08/2007)

Gerrard: Bring On Chelsea (11/08/2007)

Short FFC Survey On Sacrifices! (13/08/2007)

A Bright Beginning For Reds (13/08/2007)

Leiva Determined To Succeed (14/08/2007)

Rafa Hungry For More Euro Success (14/08/2007)

Reds Back Torres For Goals (14/08/2007)

Benitez Wary Of Toulouse Threat (15/08/2007)

Carra Rules Out England Return (15/08/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (15/08/2007)

Vital Fantasy Football Newsletter #1 (15/08/2007)

Voronin Strike Seals It For Reds (15/08/2007)

Rafa Full Of Praise For Voronin (15/08/2007)

Crouch Denies Rafa Rift (16/08/2007)

Injured Gerrard To Face Blues (16/08/2007)

Who Will Start Against Chelsea? (16/08/2007)

Masch: Blues Have Lost Their Spark (17/08/2007)

Rafa Responds To Jose Jibes (17/08/2007)

What do you think of it so far? (17/08/2007)

Babel Looking To Hurt Chelsea (18/08/2007)

Torres Looking Forward To Kop Debut (18/08/2007)

An Interview With A Chelsea Fan (18/08/2007)

Referee Robs Reds Of Victory (19/08/2007)

Rafa Fumes At 'Unbelievable' Ref (19/08/2007)

Styles Admits He Got It Wrong (20/08/2007)

Liverpool ROB-bed By Styles (20/08/2007)

Heinze Decision Expected Tomorrow (20/08/2007)

Rafa Delighted By Torres Goal (20/08/2007)

Fantasy Football Newsletter #2 (21/08/2007)

Heinze Loses Transfer Appeal (21/08/2007)

Garcia Sends Thanks To Reds Fans (21/08/2007)

Reds Fans Confident Of Title Tilt (22/08/2007)

Rafa See's Red Over Heinze Decision (22/08/2007)

Gerrard Sidelined With Injury (23/08/2007)

Benitez: Heinze Had No Choice (23/08/2007)

Gerrard: The Best Red Squad Ever (24/08/2007)

Red Hero Praises Agger (24/08/2007)

Fergie See's Red (24/08/2007)

Get Stuffed Fergie! (25/08/2007)

Black Cats Neutered By Reds (25/08/2007)

Keane Has No Complaints (25/08/2007)

Rafa Happy With Important Victory (25/08/2007)

Injury Woes For Red Duo (25/08/2007)

Liverpool Sell Paletta (26/08/2007)

Carragher Injury Confirmed (26/08/2007)

Fans Favour Kuyt/Torres In Attack (26/08/2007)

Rafa Backs Pennant For England (27/08/2007)

Gerrard Ruled Out Of Toulouse Tie (27/08/2007)

Safe Standing Day (28/08/2007)

Analysing The New Reds (28/08/2007)

Team VS Toulouse (28/08/2007)

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Fantasy Football Newsletter #3 (29/08/2007)

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No More Signings For Reds (30/08/2007)

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Champions League Draw 2007/2008 (30/08/2007)

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Rafa: Could Have Been Easier (30/08/2007)

Transfer Rumour: Crouch Exit (31/08/2007)

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Forum: Pako Could Still Stay (02/09/2007)

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Mascherano Is Fans Favourite (03/09/2007)

Can Liverpool Stay On Top? (04/09/2007)

Benitez Hails Arbeloa (04/09/2007)

Finnan Suffers Knee Injury (05/09/2007)

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Riise Salutes New Owners (07/09/2007)

Dalglish Praises Babel (07/09/2007)

Gerrard Set To Play For England (07/09/2007)

Toe Play Or Not Toe Play? (08/09/2007)

Voronin: Results Show Rafa Is Right (08/09/2007)

Mascherano Was Star Man For Reds (08/09/2007)

Gerrard Fit To Face Russia (09/09/2007)

Carragher Back In Training (10/09/2007)

Pennant Delighted With Form (10/09/2007)

Garcia Backs Torres To Shine (11/09/2007)

Rafa Dismisses Reina Rumours (11/09/2007)

Aurelio Returns To Action (11/09/2007)

Time To Reflect (12/09/2007)

Top Clubs All Feel The Same (12/09/2007)

Player Focus: Arbeloa (12/09/2007)

Rafa Unhappy With Fixtures (13/09/2007)

Rafa: One Game At A Time (13/09/2007)

Carra Ready For Pompey (13/09/2007)

Predict The Pompey Game (13/09/2007)

Win Carling Cup Tickets (14/09/2007)

Voronin: Rafa One Of The Best (15/09/2007)

Team VS Portsmouth (15/09/2007)

Portsmouth 0-0 Liverpool: HT (15/09/2007)

Reds Poor As Game Ends 0-0 (15/09/2007)

Rafa On Pompey Game (16/09/2007)

Prediction League Update (16/09/2007)

Player Focus: Finnan (16/09/2007)

Rafa: Contract Is Very Clear (17/09/2007)

Rafa Gives Praise To Renia (18/09/2007)

Rafa On Torres CL Debut (18/09/2007)

Allardyce Blasts Rafa (18/09/2007)

Rafa on Porto test (AUDIO) (18/09/2007)

Alonso Out Of Porto Match (18/09/2007)

Liverpool In For Sevilla Starlet (18/09/2007)

Team VS Porto (18/09/2007)

Gerrard On Last Nights Match (19/09/2007)

Pennant: I definitely have to learn (19/09/2007)

Punished by players we never bought (20/09/2007)

Big Sam knocks Rafa (AUDIO) (21/09/2007)

Hobbs 1st Team Chance? (22/09/2007)

UEFA Knocking US Takeover (22/09/2007)

Agger Injury Leaves Reds Vulnerable (22/09/2007)

I am more worried about Birmingham (22/09/2007)

Team VS Brimingham (22/09/2007)

Unbeaten But No Goals! (22/09/2007)

Is Pako behind poor form? (23/09/2007)

Vital Fantasy Football League (25/09/2007)

Carling Cup Surprise (25/09/2007)

Team VS Reading (25/09/2007)

Football Aid is back with a bang (27/09/2007)

Torres For The End Of The Season (28/09/2007)

Club Or Country? (28/09/2007)

Who has rattled Rafa feathers? (28/09/2007)

God To Return To Anfield (29/09/2007)

Protection of Torres and Benitez (29/09/2007)

Benayoun Wins It For Reds (29/09/2007)

Rafa Hails Classy Yossi (29/09/2007)

Aurelio Praises Reds Fighting Spirit (29/09/2007)

Rafa pleased with Wigan win (AUDIO) (29/09/2007)

No Pressure For Benitez (30/09/2007)

Reina Claims Another Record (01/10/2007)

Gerrard Involved In Traffic Accident (01/10/2007)

Reds Playing Ugly But Looking Good (02/10/2007)

Fantasy Football Standings (02/10/2007)

Cisse Aiming For Anfield Goal (02/10/2007)

Hyypia Warns Team Mates (02/10/2007)

Rafa on Reds v Marseille (03/10/2007)

Liverpool Outclassed By Marseille (04/10/2007)

Rafa: Our Worst Ever Performance (04/10/2007)

Benitez verdict on Marseille defeat (04/10/2007)

Babel Eyes Strikers Role (05/10/2007)

Benitez Denies Anfield Unrest (05/10/2007)

Reds Eager For Spurs Clash (06/10/2007)

Rotation Frustration! (06/10/2007)

Liverpool Confirmed Team (07/10/2007)

WIN 'The Kick Off' By Dan Freedman (07/10/2007)

Late Show By Torres Saves Reds (07/10/2007)

Rafa Rues Defensive Errors (07/10/2007)

Finnan Puzzled By Reds Form (08/10/2007)

Gerrard: No Crisis At Liverpool (08/10/2007)

Fantasy Football Standings (09/10/2007)

Mascherano Contract Talks (09/10/2007)

Alonso And Agger Derby Boost (09/10/2007)

FFC Survey On Our Football Kit (09/10/2007)

'Have Your Say' On Vital Football (11/10/2007)

Torres Won't Take A Dive (11/10/2007)

Time For Reds To Regroup (11/10/2007)

Kewell Set For Liverpool Return (12/10/2007)

Gerrard set for captaincy (AUDIO) (12/10/2007)

Win Liverpool Carling Cup Tickets (12/10/2007)

Torres Injury Blow (13/10/2007)

Arbeloa Confident Of Title Shot (13/10/2007)

Pako Contracted Until 2008 (13/10/2007)

Stubbs Hits Out At Reds (14/10/2007)

Rafa Backs Momo To Bounce Back (14/10/2007)

Torres Determined For Derby Return (15/10/2007)

Who Should Be Rafa`s New No2? (16/10/2007)

Finnan Backs Babel To Shine (16/10/2007)

Alonso Close To Recovery (16/10/2007)

Hyypia Amazed By Torres (16/10/2007)

Benitez: Crouch Is Staying (17/10/2007)

Torres Close To Derby Return (18/10/2007)

Rafa Seeks Derby Confidence Boost (18/10/2007)

The Derby Is Number One For Carra (19/10/2007)

How Do You Win The Merseyside Derby? (19/10/2007)

Team VS Everton (20/10/2007)

Kuyt's Derby Double Sinks Blues (20/10/2007)

Moaning Moyes Feeling The Blues (20/10/2007)

Benitez Dedicates Derby Win To Fans (20/10/2007)

Everton Got What They Deserved (22/10/2007)

Clattenburg Dropped For Weekend (22/10/2007)

Liverpool Fantasy League Update (22/10/2007)

Torres Misses Euro Clash (23/10/2007)

Team VS Besiktas (24/10/2007)

Reds Crash To Defeat In Istanbul (24/10/2007)

Carra on Besiktas loss (AUDIO) (25/10/2007)

Hicks Backs Benitez (25/10/2007)

Win Sega Football Manager 2008 (26/10/2007)

Benitez: We Need To Beat Arsenal (26/10/2007)

Pennant Sidelined For 10 Weeks (26/10/2007)

Bring On The Gunners! (26/10/2007)

Mascherano Eager For Reds Stay (27/10/2007)

Rafa Delighted To Have Alonso Back (27/10/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (28/10/2007)

Honours Even At Anfield (28/10/2007)

More Injury Woes For Reds (29/10/2007)

Testing Times For Rafa`s Reds (30/10/2007)

Liverpool Fantasy League Update (30/10/2007)

Kewell Set For Reds Return (30/10/2007)

God Returning To Anfield (31/10/2007)

Agger Frustrated By Injury (31/10/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (31/10/2007)

Gerrard Spoils Fowler's Return (31/10/2007)

Rafa Pleased With Cup Win (01/11/2007)

El Zhar Living The Dream (01/11/2007)

Hobbs Thanks Carragher (01/11/2007)

Gerrard Impressed By Lucas (02/11/2007)

Sissoko Disappointed With Form (02/11/2007)

Torres Hoping For Quick Return (02/11/2007)

FFC - Short Survey On Goals Missed (02/11/2007)

Who Will Start At Blackburn? (02/11/2007)

Liverpool To Face Chelsea (03/11/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (03/11/2007)

Reds Frustrated By Rovers (04/11/2007)

Rafa: We Deserved To Win (04/11/2007)

Benitez Backs Kuyt (04/11/2007)

Vital Football Birthday Prizes! (05/11/2007)

Rafa Confident Of Victory (05/11/2007)

Rafa plays it cool (AUDIO) (06/11/2007)

Liverpool Stuff The Turks (06/11/2007)

Rafa Delighted With Rampant Reds (06/11/2007)

Rafa joy at record win (AUDIO) (07/11/2007)

Aurelio: Still Work To Be Done (07/11/2007)

Carragher: We Must Improve (08/11/2007)

Rafa Keen To Keep Mascherano (09/11/2007)

Will Rafa Stick Or Twist? (10/11/2007)

Carson Set For Anfield Exit (10/11/2007)

Agger Close To Reds Return (10/11/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (10/11/2007)

Reds Leave It Late Against Fulham (10/11/2007)

Rafa Pleased With Torres Return (10/11/2007)

Benayoun Joins Reds Injury List (11/11/2007)

Masch Desperate For Reds Deal (11/11/2007)

Benitez pleased at patience (AUDIO) (11/11/2007)

Rafa Happy With Torres Absence (12/11/2007)

Benitez Hails Reina (12/11/2007)

Liverpool Fantasy League Update (12/11/2007)

Riise Denies Transfer Rumours (13/11/2007)

Torres Won't Be Intimidated (15/11/2007)

Watch Israel v Russia Live & Free (16/11/2007)

What Do We Need In January? (17/11/2007)

Benitez Rubbish's Bayern Link (19/11/2007)

Reina Happy To Stay Red (20/11/2007)

Rafa: Kewell Close To Return (20/11/2007)

Reina - The Safest Feet In Soccer (20/11/2007)

Torres Has No Fear Of Rivals (21/11/2007)

Odds On For New England Boss (22/11/2007)

Gerrard To Overcome Disappointment (22/11/2007)

Rafa's strange interview (AUDIO) (23/11/2007)

FFC - England Fans Survey (23/11/2007)

Hicks Hits Out At Rafa (23/11/2007)

Time To Get Back To Business (24/11/2007)

Liverpool Stroll Past Magpies (24/11/2007)

Benitez Very Happy With Reds Win (24/11/2007)

Gerrard Ready For The Boo Boys (24/11/2007)

Rafa: Row With Owners Not Serious (24/11/2007)

Reds Owners Play Down Rafa Rift (25/11/2007)

Kuyt Delighted With Scoring Return (26/11/2007)

Reina Confident Of CL Progress (26/11/2007)

Any Porto In A Storm (28/11/2007)

Pundits View: Liverpool v Porto (28/11/2007)

Detail's Of Tonight's Rafa March (28/11/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (28/11/2007)

Torres Keeps Reds Hopes Alive (28/11/2007)

Rafa Salutes 'Magnificent' Reds Fans (28/11/2007)

Rafa praise for fans (AUDIO) (29/11/2007)

FFC England Survey Results (29/11/2007)

Liverpool Fantasy League Update (29/11/2007)

Benayoun Hails Torres (29/11/2007)

Torres: Rafa An All-Time Great (29/11/2007)

Rafa Seeks Early Peace Talks (29/11/2007)

Rafa plays down row (AUDIO) (30/11/2007)

Benitez: Crouch Is Not For Sale (30/11/2007)

Win A Free Football Shirt! (30/11/2007)

Gerrard Inspires Red Hot Reds (02/12/2007)

Reds Draw Luton Or Forest In Cup (02/12/2007)

Rafa: More To Come From Reds (02/12/2007)

Reina Praises Torres (03/12/2007)

Lucas Eager To Learn From Gerrard (04/12/2007)

Hobbs Eager For First League Start (05/12/2007)

Liverpool Deny Capello Link (05/12/2007)

Babel Aiming For Goals (06/12/2007)

Rafa Confident of Mascherano Signing (06/12/2007)

Injured Reds Set To Return (06/12/2007)

Predictions: Reading vs Liverpool (06/12/2007)

Reds v Reading- Rafa on Royals (07/12/2007)

Rafa Focused On Reading (08/12/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (08/12/2007)

Reds Unbeaten Run Ends (08/12/2007)

Rafa Blames Poor Refereeing (08/12/2007)

Crouch Remains Confident (10/12/2007)

Marseille Or Bust! (10/12/2007)

I Miss Jose! (10/12/2007)

Benitez calls for quality (AUDIO) (11/12/2007)

Torres Hanging On To His Dream (11/12/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (11/12/2007)

Liverpool Cruise Past Marseille (11/12/2007)

Rafa: We Fear No-one (11/12/2007)

Liverpool To Face Luton In Cup (12/12/2007)

Gerets Praises Liverpool (12/12/2007)

Torres Hoping For Madrid (12/12/2007)

Sissoko Ponders January Exit (12/12/2007)

Dirk Kuyt On Star Striker (13/12/2007)

Time For Momo To Go-Go? (13/12/2007)

Predictions: Liverpool vs United (13/12/2007)

Dirk Kuyt On Man Utd Clash (14/12/2007)

Benitez vying for win (AUDIO) (14/12/2007)

Reds Committed To New Stadium (15/12/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (16/12/2007)

Luckless Reds Edged Out (16/12/2007)

Rafa Not Giving Up On Title Race (16/12/2007)

Hyypia Remains Defiant (17/12/2007)

Same Old Story For Reds (18/12/2007)

Alonso Set For Reds Return (18/12/2007)

Liverpool Fantasy League Update (18/12/2007)

Rafa Ready To Use Squad (19/12/2007)

Crouch See's Red In Liverpool Defeat (19/12/2007)

Rafa Rues Crouch Dismissal (19/12/2007)

Predictions: Liverpool vs Portsmouth (21/12/2007)

Reasons To Be Cheerful (21/12/2007)

Liverpool To Face Inter (21/12/2007)

Liverpool A Worry For Inter (21/12/2007)

Liverpool's Confirmed Team (22/12/2007)

Liverpool Cruise Past Pompey (22/12/2007)

Rafa Delighted With Rampant Reds (22/12/2007)

Predictions: Derby vs Liverpool (24/12/2007)

Worrying Times At Anfield (24/12/2007)

Benitez proud of Pompey win (AUDIO) (24/12/2007)

Liverpool Fantasy League Update (24/12/2007)

Liverpool Confirmed Team (26/12/2007)

Gerrard Rescues Reds (26/12/2007)

Rafa: Reds Must Be More Ruthless (26/12/2007)

Red Owners Must Back Benitez (28/12/2007)

Predictions: Man City vs Liverpool (29/12/2007)

Crouch Determined To Stay Red (29/12/2007)

Torres Enjoying Life At Anfield (29/12/2007)

Rafa Happy With Reds Display (31/12/2007)

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